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Cwench love logos. Making our clients proud by giving them a beautiful new image is an amazing feeling and we can’t wait to help you.
Why should I have a logo?

A logo is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. Not merely a pretty picture, a logo is carefully considered to unite your business under a banner that you can be proud of and that your clients can identify with and respect.

Having a professionally designed logo shows your potential clients that you care about the way you present your business and gives your existing clients a brand recognition to help them identify you again and again. Here at Cwench we don’t believe in a stock library of logos to give you, instead we work with you throughout the process to create something completely unique however many revisions it takes.

  • A UK based private jet bookings company looks for a professional new image.

  • A brand new ‘green’ recording studio powered with renewable energy requires a new branding.

  • Dance group looks for a brand new logo design to match their ambitions.

  • A well established US based website specialising in underwater photography products requires a brand new identity.

  • A start up communications company looks for a logo to epitomise their new software program.

  • UK based jewellery and bead making company. A cat based logo is essential to the brief.

  • US based weather application for iPad looks for a design for their new identity.
    In partnership with Trumper, Forsyth & Kline.

  • Software company in the US requires a new logo.
    In partnership with Trumper, Forsyth & Kline.

  • A new web-based interactive log book for cruises requires a design to launch with.

  • Established UK based conservation company requires a brand new logo for a professional look.

  • A new London based bookings agency for jazz music needs a new logo to develop across its website and stationery.

  • Popular art blog requires a modern and clean logo to help sum up the site.

  • UK based bookkeeping agency looks for a light-hearted and fun logo to epitomise brand new company.

  • Web based company looks to update their cube based logo to something more stylised.

  • Logo for a charity drive to raise money for water in Africa.
    In partnership with Trumper, Forsyth & Kline.

  • New, fun hula hoop company requires new, fun design!

  • Updated version of logo for a UK based human milk banking company.

  • Ambitious riding stables starting their own brand looks for an epitomising logo.

  • A French non-profit dedicated to helping talented adults deploy their full potential.
    In partnership with Trumper, Forsyth & Kline.

  • European wide agency that is responsible for the promotion of human milk banking looks for new logo.

  • Australian based online company selling fine infant products requires a new, fresh logo.

How does the process work?

We try and make the process of creating a logo for you as friendly and helpful as we can. We are only interested in making you proud to have our creations as your logo.

Get in Touch

The first thing to do is to fill out the form at the bottom of the page or email us to say ‘hi’ and let us know how we can help.

Initial Ideas

After we’ve worked out between us what you’d like, Cwench will email you back a selection of initial ideas for your perusal.


We will then go backwards and forwards refining, polishing and trying new ideas until you are 100% happy with your logo.

Ordering & delivery

Once you are totally satisfied, we ask for payment. Once received, every type of logo file you’d ever need is emailed over to you.

Is it expensive?

We try and be as fair as possible with our charges. Obviously some projects can take a considerably shorter time than others so it’s not viable to charge a set fee. Most logos are completed between £150 and £300 so we believe we’re excellent value for money. There is no obligation to buy until you are absolutely satisfied with the design. No pressure, no fuss. Just great designs.

£39 per hour

As a standard, we charge £39 per hour whilst working on logo ideas for you. We feel this reflects the quality of the design but doesn’t make the prospect of having a beautiful new logo out of reach for the majority. We hope you feel this is fair.

What will I get?

A fair question! Too many times companies will create a logo for a client and only provide files that are not good enough quality or versatile enough for any project. Here at Cwench are dedicated to supplying you with everything you need for using your logo for any upcoming project. We design in a vector format meaning the image can be scaled up indefinitely with no loss of quality.

File types

We supply you with vector PDF, Illustrator and EPS files along with high resolution JPG and PNG with transparency.

Artwork ownership

Cwench aren’t interested in holding the artistic rights to your logo so you are completely free to trademark the image.

Branding guidelines

We create a guideline document for any future users of your new logo which explains how your logo should be used.

Sounds good, what now?

I’m glad you think so! All you need to do is fill out the contact form below or email us. Just jot down a quick hello and let us know how we can help. We will endeavour to come back to you as soon as possible with a reply and we’ll go from there. We really look forward to working with you.

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